Choosing the Right Technology to Grow your Business

Small and mid-sized businesses across the globe are relying on the advancements of technology-based solutions to strengthen and grow their marketing, product development, customer interaction and other general business operations.

The adoption of new technology in the workplace often results in advantages over competitors, especially at the small-business level. This is even more evident with computer and web-based technologies. You might think that your business is “technology enabled” but you may be missing out on fast-evolving technologies that have the potential to take your business to the next level.

With the right technology, a business can experience substantial growth in short periods of time. Today technology is part of business innovation. The ability to find technology-solutions to basic business problems allows a company to make instant decisions when dire challenges arise.

Focus on New Technologies to Streamline Your Business

You shouldn’t focus on how much software and hardware is necessary for your workflow. The right technology provides your business with the agility and flexibility to accelerate and scale accordingly. You should be focusing on technology that will help your company grow in the future.

By now, most small and mid-size businesses have adopted some kind of technology system—from QuickBooks to Oracle and from company websites to online catalogues. But there are new technologies that big corporation are adopting, which will soon trickle down to the small-business world. The trick for small and mid-size businesses is to invest in technologies that will be relevant to them in the future.

Keep an Open Mind and Embrace the Cloud

Keeping an open mind about new technology and the role it can play in the future of your business is important. Sometimes a major technological change could be the road to business growth.

For example, the cloud — a system that delivers software and hardware services via a virtual network — has become one of the biggest paradigm shifts for small businesses. The cloud offers cheap storage solutions and a range of convenient services that can drastically reduce a small business’s investment in technology.

It is imperative that businesses began to embrace the immense power of the cloud. This critical technology can greatly enhance your business’s potentials.

Many businesses are already reaping the benefits of the cloud. For example, Apple uses smartphones to take orders as well as manage business process automation software –all through the use of their cloud systems.

Use Social Media Sites to Expand Sales Growth

The most obvious social media vehicles for your business are networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Implementing an effective social media marketing strategy can quickly enhance a company’s brand name and visibility. It also helps you interact with your customers at a more personal level. Social media sites allow you to offer direct offers and drive traffic to your website — as long as the content you place on it is relevant and informational.

When it comes to solid social media strategies the name of the game is “focus.” A company needs to focus on not just supplementing their current sales efforts, but also on making it the primary vehicle for all sales activities. Classic print advertising is rapidly losing popularity to the Internet. And social media is at the vanguard of Internet marketing campaigns.

The first step a business needs to take is to identify the type of online platforms and communities where their potential customers spend the most time. The next step is to create a comprehensive strategy to involve their customers in useful and compelling two-way conversations.

Invest in a Mobile App

The world is going mobile. Seriously, take a look around you and you will know this is not an understatement. Mobile applications on tablets and smartphones nowadays do more than just download music or convert currencies and metrics. Your customers are using their tablets and cell phones to purchase more than their desktops. A well-designed and friendly app can boost your brand name. Imagine being just a pocket-reach away from your customers at any given moment.

The problem today is that a lot of small-business apps are poorly designed. They have unfriendly navigation screens that make it hard for customers to move around, and poor phone-screen architecture. High-value apps may cost a bit more to develop, but they are the ones people will use on a daily basis. For example, a business app that links your customer to coupons, shopping carts, or helps them with the services you offer, and that also provides them with real-time information is an app that will add tremendous value to your business.

By using these technology-based strategies in your business operations, your customer service and end-profits could substantially improve. They will give you the ability to generate increased sales and reduce your costs. 

It is very likely that your competitors are moving ahead in technology at this very moment. Can you afford to wait?